Preen Style for MR. Runway

Preen Style for MR. Runway

This year Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) hosted it’s on-going production of live theatre, musical arts and most importantly fashion. PREEN Salon’s creative stylists work tirelessly to schedule Fashion Weeks rotating events. Now in their fourth year, PREEN’s innovative hairstylists, Melissa, Chris and Jelena wowed audiences in two enchanting and ravishing runway shows. Bringing life to Kevin Murphy’s vision on RUNWAY 1 and the first ever men’s only fashion showstopper MSFW MR.

RUNWAY 1 took host to the stylish, slick 1930’s inspired fashion parade. In contrast to the elegant dresses the hairstyling direction was a ‘punk-grunge’ look and feel, adding ornaments to the hair for extra dazzle with a very short severe fringe. With years of experience PREEN’s stylists really know how to give hair that certain defined texture and a high shine element, perfect for the catwalk.

preparing for the MSFW MR. Runway
Preen preparing for the MSFW MR. Runway

Last year PREEN styled for Wittner Shoes as they made history with their first ever footwear runway. This year PREEN were involved in another first ever runway show, but this time they helped shape the first ever men’s only fashion show held at the MSFW Hub in Melbourne’s City Square. MSFW MR. Move over ladies, now men in Melbourne are paying more attention to what they wear.

Thread In The Hair

It’s only natural that male inspired fashion and styles hit the runway, as it’s only natural to invite an American Crew Men’s Grooming Award Winning Salon PREEN to style for the event. Traditional rules are out the window when PREEN’s styling answer to the 1950’s inspired show was a slightly rock ‘n’ roll feel with a quiff, focusing on the natural texture of the hair whilst creating interesting shapes by sewing the hair together using a thick thread.

As always, PREEN are very proud to be involved in these “history making” events and thanks to everyone for making the effort to come along. We look forward to doing this again next year.

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Watch the highlights from the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week MR. Runway:
[youtube id=”aenAnZtYm_E” width=”455″ height=”270″]

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