Testimonials 2

[quote author=”-crawf2004 – Vogue Forum Member”]”I had a haircut last night and it was with Chris from Preen. I am very happy with it! I would recommend them to anyone looking at a new hair dresser in the City. They seem like a friendly lot.”[/quote]

[quote author=”-Uzuki – Vogue Forum Member”]”They were really lovely and he did a great job – my first “style” cut after growing my hair for 4 years. He did exactly what I wanted.”[/quote]

[quote author=”-Grhoney – Vogue Forum Member”]”Fantastic….I’m very happy with it….Kappa if u read this, thanks a million :D. I didn’t know that Vince was also working there, i had wondered where he went too when he first left Synergy..Vince is a great hairdresser too….”[/quote]

[quote author=”-Wintery – Vogue Forum Member”]”I go to Preen in the CBD – really great, they do exactly what you want, even though they think something will look better.

They have recovered my hair from a blunt pseudo pixie (from another disaster hairdresser) into a nicely framed bob – even though my HD thinks I would look fantastic with a proper pixie cut, he does what I want.

I recently got my first colour there as well (have been doing it myself) I just showed a few pictures and got exactly what I wanted.

They are great!!”[/quote]

[quote author=”-Vintage Victim – Vogue Forum Member”]”I love the result! Best style I have ever had and I am constantly being complimented on it. I’ve since been back for a second cut and he did an equally good job then.

I feel like I’m sounding like some kind of Vince cheer squad but I am really just happy to have found a HD who understands what I like, listens and most importantly gives me a great cut.”[/quote]

[quote author=”-Desertrose23 – Vogue Forum Member”]”Try Chris at Preen. He’s the Director there so a little on the exxy side ($90 for a cut), but he works wonders with my fine, thin hair. He adds enough layers to give it a bit more body (otherwise it usually just lies really flat) but doesn’t go nuts with the layering either.”[/quote]

[quote author=”-cgt – Vogue Forum Member”]”I had my hair cut & coloured by Melissa at Preen. So happy with it – she listened to everything I wanted and gave me advice and love my hair now Definitely going to stick with Preen now..”[/quote]

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