Interview: Jelena Vasic ‘Now Qualified Hairstylist’

Interview: Jelena Vasic ‘Now Qualified Hairstylist’

Jelena Vasic has striking passion for her work. Excellent service and client satisfaction is her highest priority. All her hard work and dedication has finally paid off as now Jelena is a Qualified Hairstylist!

We’re delighted she has also found time to talk to us and answer some questions so we can get an insight into a valuable member of the Preen Team.

Q. When did you first realise you wanted to become a hair stylist and where did you start?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] I first realised when I started high school and asked a friend to help me bleach my hair. I had never coloured my hair before and when we were finished I was amazed at how different I looked. The tone had brought out a different glow to my skin, and even my make up seemed to have changed. That’s when I realised how you could use colour to compliment or contrast key facial features. Intrigued, I continued to experiment with colours.

Q. Tell me what you think the biggest challenge was as an apprentice hairdresser?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] I think the biggest challenge is patience. As eager as you are to start cutting or colouring straight away, there needs to be an understanding of working from the ground up. Watching, listening and seeking out information is so important before you can even think about picking up a pair of scissors.

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Q. What is your greatest strength as a hairdresser?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] I believe my greatest strength is an eye for detail in the work that I produce.

Q. What is the most enjoyable part of working at Preen?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] The most enjoyable part is the sense of camaraderie. It’s a great team at the salon and because of that we’re always encouraging each other and bouncing off ideas, which is an amazing atmosphere to be a part of.

Q. What’s the secret to a good haircut?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] I believe the secret is effective communication – consultation is key to success. It is so important to make sure the client and I are both on the same page, whether this be done verbally, through imagery, or both.

Q. What kind of styling events have you been involved in?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] I’ve been involved in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013 and the American Crew 2014 Face Off challenge.

Q. What’s the strangest place you’ve ever cut hair?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] In a computer repair shop: a friend of mine manages one and had an important job that he couldn’t really leave for an extended period of time. So he started a scan and while it was processing we found an empty corner in the shop and turned it into a little temporary salon. It must have been one of the strangest combinations of professions.

Q. How does it feel to have finally become a qualified hairstylist?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] It’s a great feeling to have set out a goal and completed it. I’m very happy but I know that there is still so much more to learn in this industry, and I want to soak up as much knowledge as possible. I suppose I feel as though I’m one step further in my career, yet I’ll always be somewhat of a student because I want to continue to improve myself.

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Q. What is your particular favourite haircut of all time?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] My favourite of all time would have to be Vidal Sassoon’s five point cut. It pioneered today’s hairstyles, and freed women from rollers and perms in the 60’s. Hair became architecturally designed with strong geometric shapes, which was a revolution in its time.

What I love most about it is the sharp angular lines defining the face and neck. It was an edgy cut in it’s time, and still is today.

Q. If you could cut anyone’s hair who would it be and why?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] If I could I would love to cut George Clooney’s. I admire his acting career, charm and good looks.

Q. What scissors do you use for creating your cuts and looks?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] At work I use my 6 inch Fuji scissors for blunt wet work, and scissor over comb. Then I use my 5 and 1/2 inch Excellent Edges Bladez for dry cut work, and removing weight. I switch between the two depending on the person’s hair type.

Q. After being involved in American Crew, what looks do you try to create to give you the edge?

[highlight]Jelena:[/highlight] I generally like to use strong masculine lines. I find that having a squarer shape on men emboldens the jawline and helps define the eyes.

Our thanks to Jelena for giving us such an interesting and informative interview. Experience Jelena’s excellent service and attention to detail on your next appointment.

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