American Crew All Star Challenge Finalist

American Crew All Star Challenge Finalist

Hairstylists [highlight]Melissa, Chris & Vince[/highlight] from Preen Salon celebrated men’s grooming this year and entered The American Crew ALL STAR CHALLENGE. The challenge was to capture their interpretation of the “American Crew Man”, using male model’s hair as their canvas and American Crew styling products. They perfected each fresh look by identifying their subjects unique features before determining an artistic approach. Next was to art direct a photo shoot and capture their masterpieces in black & white photographs. The photographs were then submitted to the ALL STAR judges.

After much anticipation, opening night finally arrived and the top 20 finalists and the one Australian winner were announced. ALL STARS judged entries anonymously on the model’s tapered hair line, fashion relevance, quality of the photography and their choice of model.

Proudly, not one but two Preen stylists have taken home an All Star Finalist Award… Melissa and Chris! Cheers guys, you definitely understand what it takes to create a masculine, modern edge. Continuously taking home these kind of awards proves that Preen Salon house some of the nation’s leading stylists.

2014 All Star Challenge Top 20 Finalist Photo
[highlight]Chris & Mel looking extremely pleased as they accept their award with the models they used to win.[/highlight]

Previously known as FACE OFF, the  ALL STAR CHALLENGE opening night was held on Sunday 24 November at Peninsula in Melbourne’s Docklands. This year the swanky event was bigger and better than ever, featuring more than 700 black and white photographs submitted by salons and stylists across Australia. The audience were also treated to a dazzling array of the latest hair trends on 30 male models from the Arthur Galan Spring/Summer fashion runway.

2014 All Star Challenge Top 20 Finalist Wining Shots
[highlight]Finalist entries by Chris and Mel[/highlight]

Concluding the night, the guys celebrated the ‘freedom of men’s grooming’ and their awards at the after party at Melbourne’s Alumbra bar. [highlight]Join us in congratulating Melissa & Chris on their awesome achievement and thank you to the Preen crew who participated and put in a massive effort. Preen’s grooming talent keeps Melbourne beautiful, one hair style at a time.[/highlight]

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[highlight]The behind the scenes action and Australia’s best groomed crowd at AMERICAN CREW ALL STAR CHALLENGE WINNERS NIGHT![/highlight]
[youtube id=”30q7M2ulD4o” width=”455″ height=”270″]

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