2013 MSFW

2013 MSFW

Preen Team
Official MSFW Photographer
MSFW MR. Runway 2013

2013 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

This year Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) hosted it’s on-going production of live theatre, musical arts and most importantly fashion. PREEN Salon’s creative stylists work tirelessly to schedule Fashion Weeks rotating events. Now in their fourth year, PREEN’s innovative hairstylists, Melissa, Chris and Jelena wowed audiences in two enchanting and ravishing runway shows. Bringing life to Kevin Murphy’s vision on RUNWAY 1 and the first ever men’s only fashion showstopper MSFW MR.

MSFW MR. Runway

Traditional rules are out the window when PREEN’s styling answer to the 1950’s inspired show was a slightly rock ‘n’ roll feel with a quiff, focusing on the natural texture of the hair whilst creating interesting shapes by sewing the hair together using a thick thread.