MSFW 2015: Emerging Designer Runway Hair Trends

MSFW 2015: Emerging Designer Runway Hair Trends

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If the capsule collections by RMIT fashion students that hit the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015 Emerging Designer Runway this year offered a glimpse in the future of fashion design, then the hair creations were nothing short of moment-defining.

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Avant-garde shapes, sports luxe redux, and immediately wearable minimalist pieces were the highlights of the Emerging Designer Runway 1, showcasing the young crop of Australian designers. Cut-outs, overlays and exaggerated proportions over herringbone and primary colours rounded out the innovative and experimental collections. Yet certain easiness reigned. The attention to detail and execution of the designs was exceptional.

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To complement the fresh and raw designs, Kevin Murphy and his team of SESSION.STYLISTS , including one of our own, Jelena, created the most beautiful updo. Inspired by classic, feminine silhouettes and race wear from a bygone era it is perfect for the Spring Carnival and Racing season. Ultimate shine took centre stage with the hair prepped and primed to perfection.To recreate the look, follow these simple steps, or make an appointment with Jelena today.











PRIME: Prime damp hair with KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY and dry in. Then take a horseshoe section on the top of the head, using half your eyebrow as the guide, and clip away. Pull the sides back tightly and create a ponytail. Backcomb the ponytail and gently brush the top layer to make it smooth. Then tuck the ends up and secure with a pin.

PREP: Prep the hair with KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY to tame flyaways. Take the top section and lay it over the top of the back section and then blend the two sections. Pin hair to match the bottom section.


Jelena with Kevin Murphy

Jelena with Kevin Murphy









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