Preen Highlights

American Crew Face Off 2011

American Crew Face Off 2011

“Tee Tree Balancing Shampoo, Stimulating Conditioner, Tea Tree Light Hold Styling Cream and Molding Clay. “I use Tea Tress Light Hold Styling Cream to give a good foundation for creating the style as well as Molding Clay for a strong hold with little shine,” says Vince.”
-American Crew / Face Off 2011

2011 Face Off Top 20 Finalist:
Vice Cimino @ Preen

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Harper's BAZAAR

Harper’s BAZAAR July 2010

“Preen has a liquor licence, with complimentary bar, a separate basin area and a welcoming atmosphere focused on client service. Experience, creativity and flair in a luxe environment.”
-Harper’s BAZAAR
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